Time to Pre-Order Saffron Crocus and Plant French Lettuces

Time to Pre-Order Saffron Crocus and Plant French Lettuces

La Vie Rustic is once again offering saffron crocus bulbs, and it’s time to pre-order for shipment first week of September, right after Labor Day. If you’ve not grown your own saffron before, give it a try. It is almost instant gratification because bulbs planted in September  bloom a month later – yes, just a month later – in October. You won’t get a big crop with the first planting, typically only a single blossom per bulb, but the next year and for three or four more years thereafter, look for anywhere from two to eight blossoms per bulb! A modest investment will reap you the reward of absolutely fresh, pure saffron.

La Vie Rustic offers two sizes, a bag of 25 bulbs and a bag of 50 bulbs. With each bag a 4-color recipe card for Soupe de Poisson is included along with full planting, care, and harvesting instructions for the crocus.

If you are wondering how La Vie Rustic came to offer saffron, read our blog post from 2017.

Saffron Crocus 25 count………..$17.00                Saffron Crocus 50 count………………..$30.00

French Heirloom Lettuce Seeds

The French love their lettuce, and so do we at La Vie Rustic. We offer a collection of 6 different heirloom varieties individually packed in a letterpress printed overpack, with full growing, maintaining, and harvesting information.

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French Heirloom Lettuce Collection………………..$15.00

Mesclun Salad Seed Mix

A French specialty is Mesclun, a mixture of lettuce, escarole, chervil, arugula and nasturtiums, that originated in Nice, France at a monastery. La Vie Rustic has put together an authentic mix, based on research and garden trials, and now in late summer, early fall, is a good time to plant. The leaves are harvested when very young and tender, only 2-3 inches long, and the nasturtium leaves, buds, and of course flowers and harvested as well. Combine all with a very light vinaigrette and you’ll discover the taste of a French market mesclun salad.Our set comes boxed, suitable for gift-giving and includes full growing, maintaining and harvesting instructions as well as the story of mesclun’s origins.

Mesclun Salad Seed Mix………………….$20.00