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Announcing the publication of La Rustic – Cooking and Living in the French Style

And, if you would like to join the author and the owner of La Vie Rustic store, Georgeanne Brennan, for Sunday Lunch with Book Passage at Left Bank Bistro March 26, 2017, we’d love to see meet you




Welcome  to La Vie Rustic,  an on-line store  dedicated to bringing, in the French style, the best and most authentic products to the new wave of backyard and urban gardeners, animal husbandmen and women, home cooks, and anyone, anywhere, who wishes to practice a sustainable lifestyle mindfully producing, cooking, and caring for their own food, even if only a small part of it. You’ll find La Vie Rustic’s fodder, rubs, herbs and seeds, even DIY  charcuterie  sets and hand-crafted tools, many produced, and all created, by me in the spirit of Provence, on my small farm in Northern California.

And, as of March 7, 2017, La Vie Rustic -Cooking and Living in the French Style will be on sale at bookstores and on-line, nation-wide. Chock full of recipes, gorgeous photographs, history, stories, and tips.

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~Georgeanne  Brennan