It’s early on the road for La Vie Rustic, less than a year. It’s owner/founder, Georgeanne Brennan, however, is well-established in the culinary world and gardening world through her award-winning books, food and travel journalism, and her cooking schools, both in Provence and in California. She’s not a serial entrepreneur, but La Vie Rustic is her most recent foray into the world of business.

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From Jane Lear’s column, Jane Says on Take Part  at – her holiday gift recommendations.

Anything, Really, From La Vie Rustic
Over the years, Georgeanne Brennan has inspired culinary students both in Haute Provence, where she has long had a home, and in Northern California at her small farm (ditto). At her online store, La Vie Rustic, her exclusive goods range from Sel d’Agrume (citrus salt, made with the zest of her own blood oranges and Meyer lemons; $10) to a charming holiday sampler that’s a stellar house gift ($28), a potager set of seeds and maps for spring planting ($38), and hand-crafted earthenware from local artisans (from $45). If you’re a cook, Brennan will make you want to garden; if you’re a gardener, she’ll entice you into the kitchen. In other words, it’s hard to go wrong.


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