Founded in 2014, La Vie Rustic continues in its early stages. It’s owner/founder, Georgeanne Brennan, however, is well-established in the culinary world and gardening world through her award-winning books, food and travel journalism, and her cooking schools, both in Provence and in California. She’s not a serial entrepreneur, but La Vie Rustic is her most recent foray into the world of business.

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“The heirloom seeds, the recipes, the books, the travels and the food Georgeanne has touched are all successes by anyone’s standards, but I would say that her real success is that she’s been able to affect people’s lives and make them better. For me, that’s her legend.” Steve Sando, Rancho Gordo Beans in Edible Marin and Wine Country November 22, 2016

Anything, Really, From La Vie Rustic
“Over the years, Georgeanne Brennan has inspired culinary students both in Haute Provence, where she has long had a home, and in Northern California at her small farm (ditto). At her online store, La Vie Rustic, her exclusive goods range from Sel d’Agrume (citrus salt, made with…  From Take Part

“Without this visionary gardener-cook, we might never have known the pleasure of a Chioggia beet.”       Georgeanne Brennan by Jane Lear, from the Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal, 02/27/2015

“If you know how to sauté, you can cook an awful lot of dishes.” Georgeanne Brennan by Al Pierlioni, From The Sacramento Bee, 04/26/2017 article146931889.html#storylink=cpy

And, a 50 minute interview with Steve Sando at Rancho Gordo on You Tube. Steve is lots of fun and the beans are terrific.

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