Summertime Grilling Special


Summertime Grilling Special means you get five full stems of rosemary with your fresh bay leaf bouquet order and a jar of La Vie Rustic’s Herbes de Provence, all important elements for seasoning grilled vegetables and meats. The fresh bay leaves can even  be threaded directly onto your skewers, Mediterranean style, along with vegetables such as peppers, onions, and eggplant, with or without meaty chunks of pork, beef or lamb. Season the prepared skewers with a little fresh rosemary and some Herbes de Provence and savor the scent and taste of the Mediterranean. (Photo Sara Remington from La Vie Rustic Cooking and Living in the French Style-Weldon Owen 2017)

Summertime Grilling Special………….$17.00  Includes 5  8-inch long stems fresh bay, 5 stems fresh rosemary and a jar of Herbes de Provence

Or maybe you want to stuff a branch or two of rosemary into the cavity of a roasting chicken, and surround it with some sweet summer potatoes. There are so many seasoning possibilities! (Photo Sara Remington, La Vie Rustic Cooking and Living in the French Style, Weldon-Owen)