Saffron Crocus to Harvest Next Month and a Cooking Class

Saffron Crocus to Harvest Next Month and a Cooking Class

It’s not too late to plant saffron crocus bulbs. Plant them in September, water them once,  and harvest your first crop in October – yes, this October. Order them asap, as supplies are running low. To harvest, pinch the blossoms from the plant with your fingers, or clip them with scissors (watch out for bees!). Remove the dark orange stamens – each blossom has three – and set aside on a plate in a warm dry place, such as your kitchen, to dry. After a day or two, put the dried stamens in a jar. Use in risotto, fish soup, sauces and more.

Your first harvest will be small, but leave the bulbs in the ground, and you’ll harvest increasing amounts, year after year, for five years.

Our sets come packed in a muslin bag with complete instructions and a recipe card for French fish soup, Soupe de Poissons.

La Vie Rustic Crocus – Set of 25

La Vie Rustic Crocus -Set of 50

And a Cooking Class….

On September 27, 2019 La Vie Rustic owner and award-winning cookbook author, Georgeanne Brennan, will be teaching a special, hands-on cooking class in Orinda, California. Some of the recipes are from her La Vie Rustic Cookbook, others are personal favorites. To register, visit Epicurean Exchange


• Wild Mushroom Beignets with Aioli 
• Fried Olives
​• Jambon Cru (prosciutto)
• Salad Sauvage (Wild Greens) with Lardons, Garlic Croutons and Goat Cheese
• Beef Daube with Fresh Cepes (Porcini Mushrooms)
• Cheese Course
• Fromage de Chevre with Georgeanne’s honey
• Tarte Tatin of Quince and Apples