All you need is a square foot or so to plant 25 saffron bulbs

If you have a couple of square feet of sunny ground, you can grow 25 saffron crocus plants. Yes, just a small little patch of ground, or even a couple of 10 inch deep or so pots or window boxes, you can have homegrown saffron. Honest. Pre-order now from La Vie Rustic to get your shipment of saffron crocus bulbs in early September to plant asap. In 30 days, by mid-October, you will be gathering the first of your harvest. It’s easy, fun, and the saffron you grow and harvest will be of superior quality. Think Paella and Risotto and Fish Soup with Rouille. (recipe included with order). And, each year the bulbs multiply, so at the end of 3 years, you’ll have 4 to 5 bulbs for everyone planted this year. It couldn’t be easier!