A Bouquet and a Book for Mom – Sunflower Seeds and My Culinary Journey

Sunflowers are so easy to grow and they’ll provide not only Mom but the whole family loads of blooms throughout the summer. The sunflowers in La Vie Rustic’s Sunflower Collection are all branching types which means that after the first bloom on the top of the plant, side branches continue to put out blooms, making these types ideal for bouquet cutting. The varieties chosen for the collection are the closest I could find to matching the sunflowers in Vincent Van Gogh’s famous series of sunflowers, some that look like crystanthemum, others with a green center, others brillaiannt gold and faintly orange.

To see a view of the original paintings, I suggest visiting this site: http://www.vggallery.com/misc/sunflowers.htm

For many people, sunflowers along with lavender are the symbols of Provence, and sometimes you’ll see fieldsof them juxtoposed, as below, on the plateau near Riez, in the one of the lavender growing regions. These sunflowers, however, are not destined for the flower markets, but for oil production.The photo above appears in My Culinary Journey -Food and Fetes of Provence, along with dozens of other evocative photos, more than 40 recipes, and travel essays on seven different festivals held throughout the region. Authored by the owner of La Vie Rustic, Georgeanne Brennan,we’ll send an inscribed copy to your mother (or to you) with a message of your choice, plus a complimentary  jar of  La Vie Rustic’s culinary Sel de Lavande to enhance the mood  – and food!

So looking forward to a Happy Mother’s Day for all!