Winter Soup’s On but Spring Will Come


Cold winter days beg for soup, like this one made by Michael Schwab using  La Vie Rustic’s Soup Set. The set  makes soup making fun and easy. We first put it together for the holidays, but it was so successful we decided to keep it in stock, but with a seasonal twist. We’re added not only sprigs of fresh rosemary, now in bloom, but also a Meyer lemon. A little dash of Meyer lemon juice and some zest is just the thing for a winter soup.



Spring Will Come

I know. Snow is heavy on the ground, and in parts of the country where it’s not snowing, chances are it’s raining and and the ground is soggy with mud. However, we know in our hearts that the weather and the ground will warm and it will be the moment to plant a garden. Maybe you’ve never had a vegetable garden, a French-style potager, but always dreamed of one. Or maybe you have a friend who just needs that extra push to start a garden. We have the answer: 0216_2015-10-27_LaVieRusticpotager box

Our Potager Garden Set with Maps for a small space, and complete instructions, 12 different vegetable seed packets, plus one of flowers and 13 garden markets.

If a full garden seems like too much to commit to, how about a Spring Potager Set, or seeds for a French Heirloom Lettuce or Chicory Garden?0249_2015-10-27_LaVieRusticxspring pot

Nothing tastes better than what comes directly from your own garden.tn_Remington_radishes_5887