‘Tis the Season for Salt Jars

Thinking about the holidays?


La Vie Rustic’s New Gros Sel Salt Jar makes a special gift.

Since I started La Vie Rustic two years ago, I’ve been looking for a potter who would recreate my treasured French salt jar.  At last I found one, Rebecca Holmes. Now La Vie Rustic can offer salt jars, hand-thrown on a potter’s wheel,  just like mine,  labeled Gros Sel, with a natural cork stopper. My salt jar has a permanent place of honor in my kitchen and not only do I use it daily, but it also gives me pleasure just to look at it. Inside it I keep large–crystal grey sea salt from Guerande in France. The opening is large enough for me to easily reach my hand in to scoop up salt for seasoning large pots of water for vegetable or pasta, soups and stews. For smaller crystals, I take a handful of the large salt and grind the crystals in a mortar and pestle.

The jar is made with one-half porcelain clay and one-half stoneware clay, and glazed inside and out. It is food safe and dishwasher safe.

Of course, you can your jar for anything – to hold bouquets of roses or bread sticks or to store spices or garlic – whatever you fancy.

Another grand gift is a signed, customized copy of  Georgeanne Brennan’s new book, “My Culinary Journey – Food and Fetes of Provence“. img_3794The author, who is the founder and owner of La Vie Rustic, will also include a jar of La Vie Rustic’s Herbes de Provence with your order, to make it even more fun to cook the recipes. The book, just out October 24, has already been hailed as an ” evocatively entwined memoir.  rich in detail about the food, people and festivals of Provence, France.”

And, as the author, I can say that if you liked my book,  A Pig in Provence, you will like this book, with photos of goats and pigs, family, food, and landscape from the days when I raised goats and pigs in Provence – plus 40 recipes and tales of fetes from lavender to olives and truffles.

For your gardening friends, or those who dream of gardening, La Vie Rustic’s Potager Garden Set with Maps gives them the gift of a year-round garden, with a continual harvest for their kitchen.img_3885






For your cooking friends and family, be they seasoned or beginners, La Vie Rustic’s Soup Sets have everything needed to turn out a hearty soup. Pictured here is the White Beans and Winter Savory Soup. IMG_2809