It’s time to pre-order saffron crocus

It’s time to pre-order your saffron crocus for early September shipment. As soon as you get your crocus, plant them for an October –November harvest. It’s almost instant gratification. If you bought crocus from us last year you can expect double your harvest this year, since. Do water last year’s bulbs now, in August




August is also the time to be planting escarole, frisee, and radicchio,  to harvest in fall, and in mild climates, through winter and into early spring.La Vie Rustic’s French Heirloom Chicory Seed collections gives you six different varieties, including the history of each variety.


Plant them close together and use the cut and come again method for harvest. To do this, cut out the mild, tender leaves at the heart of the plant. New ones will take their place, over and over again to provide you with steady, tasty salads for months.