Grilling Time with Fresh Bay Leaves

If you lived in the Mediterranean region, you’d find an abundance of the sweet bay laurel trees (Laurus nobilis) that are native to the area and where the fresh or dried leaves have been used for thousands of years to season food, like these Lamb and Eggplant Kebobs. Fresh bay leaves are tucked between the meat and vegetables and provide a deep, aromatic flavoring to all.

Here at La Vie Rustic we have more than 40 Laurus nobilis trees to provide for your cooking pleasure. We snip the cuttings for you the day we ship them to you, ready to use.

Since it’s grilling time, we also suggest our Herbes de Provence, and Artisan Fruit and Herb Sea Salts to season grilled vegetables and meats of all kinds. What to accompany the grilled foods? Beans, of course – big, white, juicy Royal Corona beans from Rancho Gordo which come with their own jars of Herbes de Provence and Winter Savory Sea Salt, and a 4-color recipe card.  To serve as a side dish, simply scoop the beans from their broth into a bowl.

And for Father’s Day, why not a heavy duty cutting board of English Walnut or Black Walnut to keep alongside the barbecue, plus some fresh sweet bay and a jar of Herbes de Provence? Or other LVR items? We’ll even gift wrap it for you and enclose a card.







Photo credits:Kebobs by Sara Remington from La Vie Rustic – Cooking and Living in the French Style (Weldon-Owen, 2017), Herbes de Provence, Thomas Kuoh, Cutting Boards, Frankie Frankeny .