Get Your Garden Going with La Vie Rustic

Get Your Garden Going with La Vie Rustic’s French Seed Collections

La Vie Rustic has seed collections and sets for everyone who’s longing for a taste of France – or just plain garden- fresh food. Read all about the collections on our Potager -Kitchen Garden page.

Mesclun de Nice Salad Seed Set

Dreaming of a delicate French Mesclun salad like you had in that tiny Paris restaurant? You can grow that mixture in your own backyard, even in a planter box or pot. La Vie Rustic’s Mesclun de Nice Salad Seeds will keep you in salads for months, because to harvest you use the cut-and-come again method. You can learn all about it on the Potager page.

French Heirloom Chicory Seed Collection

Or maybe you’d like grow a few rows of escarole, frisee and radicchio for salads, grilling, and braising.If yes, the La Vie Rustic’s French Heirloom Chicory Seed Collection is for you.

And here is a link to chicory recipes by Georgeanne Brennan from the Napa Valley Register Newspaper to inspire you.

This Chicory Salad with Sauteed Chicken Livers pictured below is from La Vie Rustic -Cooking and Living in the French Style, by Georgeanne Brennan, Weldon-Owen 2017. Photo by Sara Remington.

Potager Garden Seed Set with Maps

Or maybe you envision your own year-round, French-style kitchen garden, starting with radishes,peas and lettuce in spring, then moving on to tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplant in summer, to follow with fall vegetables. If that’s your dream, La Vie Rustic’s Potager Garden Set with Maps is for you. Photo by Thomas Kuoh