French Vintage Escargot Pots for Francophiles

Vintage French Escargot Pots for Francophiles

Escargots never see to go out of fashion. They appear on menus from Paris to Provence, and

almost anywhere in the world where French food is on the menu. In French supermarkets you can buy snail shells stuffed and ready to cook – just pop them into a hot oven. Snail ‘farms’, where snails are cultivated, date back in Provence to Roman times, 2,000 years ago, where ruins of snail farms have been found in the department of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Today, not far from the town of Greoux-les-Bains, in the same department, is the snail farm Escargots du Verdon where visitors can see the long rows of snails ranging along small waterways, and purchase artisan preparations of  canned and frozen snails of all sorts.

However, it is very easy to prepare snails yourself, especially with these vintage escargot pots, just large enough for one plump snail with room for plenty of seasoned butter. They are made of stoneware and each one is a little bit different, which adds to the charm. La Vie Rustic’s set of 12 pots comes snugly packed in a Kraft box with a  full color recipe card for the classic Escargots a la Bourguinonne. Photo by Frankie Frankeny.

Of course, the cute pots can also be used for salt cellars or even tiny vases for flowers with stems clipped short.

French Vintage Escargot Pots Set of 12…………………………………..$35.00