A Special Gift -Freshly-Milled Olive Oil, Meyer Lemon and more

It only happens once a year, in winter. Olives are harvested and milled. A few weeks later the oil is bottled. Except for a small amount that is bottled immediately. That’s olio nuovo, or new olive oil. La Vie Rustic acquired a limited amount of Seka Hills Estate Olio Nuovo, from nearby Seka Hills here in Northern California in order to offer a special gift for the holidays. Our Olio Nuovo and Citrus Salad Set combines 250 ml of the fresh olive oil, a jar of La Vie Rustic’s Sel d’Agrume (French sea salt blended with California orange and lemon zest), and a fresh Meyer lemon – all the ingredients needed to make a French-style winter vinaigrette, including a recipe card. And to inspire for spring salads, the set includes an overpack of 6 different heirloom French lettuce seeds with an information card telling the history of each variety, and full planting and harvesting instructions. The lemon is picked from La Vie Rustic’s  Meyer lemon trees the day the set is  shipped………..Olio Nuovo and Citrus Salad Set $40.00